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Senso-ji temple in Asakusa!



History of Senso-ji temple

Now Asakusa is one of the most popular tourist spot, but in ancient time, it was just a small sea village.

The situation was totally changed by an incident happened in 628.

What’ the story of the incident?


The main casts are 2 fisherman brothers.

Their names are Hamanari and Takenari.

One day, the brothers were fishing in Sumida river.

Then they saw something drifting in the river.

They picked it up to find that it was a statue of Bodhisattva Kannon.


Afterward, they renovated their house in a temple.

And they became priests and believe in the Bodhisattva Kannon.


It is said this is the beginning of Senso-ji temple.





Hozomon Gate


The original gate was built in 942 by Taira-no Kinmasa.

But Hozomon Gate was burnt down several times, and built several times.

The previous gate was suffered from air raid during World WarⅡ.

The current gate was built with the donation of Yonetaro Otani who is the builder of Hotel New Otani.

>>Hotel New Otani Tokyo the Main

Inside of the gate, there are three-storied warehouse for treasure.

Hozomon Gate means the gate which conserve treasure.

It is said that the gate conserves some kinds of Buddhist statues, but they are not disclosed.

You can see horrible statues in the both sides of the gate.

The left one is called Agyo statue, which means the beginning of everything.

The right one is called Ungyo statue, which means the end of everything.


They have Indian ancient weapons.

They are popular as gods of health and driving away bad luck.


The Five-Storied Pagoda


The Five-Storied Pagoda in Asakusa was built in 942.

Afterward, it was destroyed several times but restored every time.

It was rebuilt after World War Ⅱ.


By the way, in Japan you can see Five-Storied Pagoda in other cities, too.

Nevertheless, they are tall, they aren’t collapsed by earthquakes.

Do you know the reason?

That is because of Shinbashira which is a pillar hung in the center.



Main Hall


If you go down Nakamise-Dori shopping street, and pass through Hozomon gate, you can see the main hall of Senso-ji temple in front of you.

Please worship here.




Before you get to the main hall, you may see many people with slips of paper.

Omikuji is a strip paper with a fortune printed on it.

You pick one up and the paper will tell you whether your fortune is good or bad.

On Omikuji, the overall fortune is written in word such as daikichi(excellent luck), chukichi (very good luck), kichi (good luck),and kyo (ill fortune).


大吉=daikichi(excellent luck)

中吉= chukichi (very good luck)

吉= kichi (good luck)

凶= kyo (ill fortune)


Omikuji in Asakusa is a little bit different from usual ones.

Many temples and shrines have reduced the number of unlucky slips, but the number of unlucky slips in Asakusa is much more than any other temples and shrines!

Some Japanese people are bored because every time they get “good luck”,

It is rare to get kyo (ill fortune), so some people think it’s lucky to get Kyo!


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How to get to the nearest station?

The nearest station is Asakusa station.

From Shinjuku station
Shinjuku Sta. Akasaka-mitsuke Sta. Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
Akasaka-mitsuke Sta. Asakusa Sta. Tokyo Metro Ginza Line


From Shinagawa station
Shinagawa Sta. Asakusa Sta. Keikyu Main Line


From Narita Airport
Narita Airport Asakusa Sta. Keisei Narita Airport Line


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