How to enjoy Sushi restaurants as an entertainment??

If you travel in Japan, you may plan to have Sushi.


But most famous Sushi restaurants are expensive.

If you want to save your money, why don’t you choose a Kaiten-Sushi restaurant?


Kaiten-Sushi is conveyor-belt sushi.

At Kaiten-sushi restaurant, plates of shshi are placed on rotating conveyor belts that moves past every table and counter seat, and you can select sushi plates whatever you like.

And you can know the price of sushi by the color or pattern of the sushi plates.



How to use Kaiten-Sushi restaurants?

When you visit a Kaiten-suhsi restaurant, a staff will take you to an available table.

After you have a seat, just you start to select sushi from the conveyor belt.


If a dish that you want to eat is not on the conveyor belt, you can order.


When you finish your meal, please tell the staff to check.


The staff will count the number of plates and give you your bill.


Please go to the cashier with your bill.


Which restaurant is the best for families?

Kura Sushi is not just a Kaiten-sushi restaurant, but also it is an entertainment restaurant.
This restaurant is the best to visit with kids!

Kura Sushi Shinagawa Ekimae


Japanese only. So please check the photos.


Low Price!

The price of the all sushi plates are JPY108 (include tax)


You can play a game!

If you can play a game every 5 plates.

And you can get gifts.


You can enjoy other Japanese food!

At Kura Sushi, you can enjoy not only sushi but also other Japanese food.


Guide Booking

If you need a guide, please contact us.

Our guide will make you have a great time.

Of course our guide will reserve the restaurant for you.

Guide Booking


How to get the nearest station?

The nearest station is Shinagawa station.

From Shinjuku

*From Shinjuku st to Shinagawa st: JR Yamanote line


From Haneda Airport

*From Haneda Airport to Shinagawa st: Keikyu line


From Asakusa

*From Asakusa st to Shinagawa st :Asakusa line

I recommend you to use this app↓
Japan Travel-Route, Map, JR


Hotel Info

If you stay near Shinagawa, there are some hotels.

The Strings by InterContinental, Tokyo

Keikyu EX Inn Shinagawa

Toyoko Inn Tokyo Shinagawa-eki Takanawa-guchi

Shinagawa Prince Hotel

The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo, Autograph Collection

Shinagawa Tobu Hotel

Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa


Guest House Shinagawa-shuku