What’s Nihombashi Ebisuko Bettara Ichi?

This is a festival which have been held since Edo Period (from the 17th to 19th century).
People visit to get “Bettara-Zuke”.


Bettara-Zuke is a kind of Japanese pickles.




What can you see?

This is a typical Japanese festival.

Speaking of a festival, what will Japanese people image?

*Mikoshi(Portable shrines) on October 19th only



*Street stalls


*Chochin (Japanese lantern)


You can see all these three things at Nihonbashi Ebisuko Bettara Ichi.

If you want to know the atmosphere of Japanese festivals, why don’t you visit?



October 19th and 20th (Every year the same date)


Where can you join the festival?

The festival will be held at Takarada Ebisu Shrine



How to get to the nearest station?

The nearest station is Kodemmacho station.

From Shinjuku station

From Shinjuku st to Ginza st: Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
From Ginza st to Kodemmacho st: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line


From Asakusa station

From Asakusa st to Ueno st:Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
From Ueno st to Kodemmacho st: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line


From Narita Airport

From Narita Airport to Keisei-Ueno st : Keisei Main Line Express
From Ueno st to Kodemmacho st: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line



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Hotel Info

There are some hotels near Kodemmacho station.
Dormy Inn Premium Tokyo Kodenmacho

Hotel Kazusaya

Tokyu Stay Nihombashi


APA Hotel Kanda-Eki Higashi

Comfort Hotel Tokyo Kanda

*All photos are for illustrative purposes.