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Today, I introduce Ako Gishi Festival.


What’s Sengakuji temple?

Sengakuji was built in 1612 by Ieyasu Tokugawa who is the builder of Tokugawa syogunate

from 1603 to 1868.

At the first time, it was built in another area, but in 1641 it was moved to the current place.

Because the previous one was burnt down by great fire.


This temple is characterized by the graves.


It has the graves of Ako Gishi.

By the way, who is Ako Gishi?


Ako Gishi means federal lords in Ako(Hyogo prefecture).

They are famous for their loyalty to their commander, Takuminokami Asano.

In Japan, there is a famous story titled “Chushin Gura” which was made based on an incident caused by Ako Gishi.


Detail about the story➡The Ako Incident


What’s Ako Gishi Festival?

Ako Gishi festival is held on December 14th.

It is the festival of a memorial service to pray for the souls of Ako Gishi.

The highlight of the festival is Gishi Parade.

Many people in Samurai costumes parade from Ryogoku(Kira’s house) to Sengakuji.

The parade will arrive at Sengakuji around 3:00pm.


Other Info

Date:December 14th(Every year)

The festival will be held until 10:00pm.

And night stalls will stand on the approach to Sengakuji.


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How to get the nearest station?

The nearest station is Sengakuji station.

From Shinjuku station

From Shinjuku sta. to Daimon sta.: Toei Oedo Line
From Daimon sta. to Sengakuji sta.: Toei Asakusa Line

From Asakusa station

From Asakusa sta. to Sengakuji sta.: Toei Asakusa Line

From Narita Airport

From Narita Airport to Sengakuji sta.: Keisei Main Line Express



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Hotel Info

There are some hotels near Sengakuji station.
APA Hotel Shinagawa Sengakuji Eki-Mae


Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo

The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo, Autograph Collection

Keikyu EX Inn Shinagawa

Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa

Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo-Tamachi

Shinagawa Tobu Hotel

Shinagawa Prince Hotel

The Strings by InterContinental, Tokyo

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