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What is the secret of Japanese Artistic Cultures in Shibamata?

Hello! I’m Masayo, family entertainment planner. I introduce where to explore  in Tokyo. Today’s target is….   Shibamata If you plan to visit Asakusa with your family, please consider to visit Shibamata. Asakusa is really popular spot, and of course I like it. There is the oldest amusement park in Japan, so children can enjoy it. But you might worry about your children get lost in the crowd.   If you would like to enjoy Japan’s old atmosphere such as Asakusa, I recommend you Shibamata.   OK, let me introduce Shibamata with the virtual exploration.   ★Mission to Shibamata expedition **Shibamata Daikyoji temple is not just temple.   Find out …

Edo Tokyo Museum is the best spot to enjoy and learn Japan’s history!

What’s Edo Tokyo Museum? Edo Tokyo Museum is a museum which you can know the lives of people from Edo period to Syowa period (from 1603 to 1989). Whether it is sunny or rain, both adults and children can enjoy it. You have perhaps heard Samurai or Ninja, but I think you don’t have a chance to know the lives of general people. Edo period is an interesting time because a lot of cultures were developed. To know the lives of general people means to know the real history of Japan. After Edo period was ended, Japan developed rapidly. How did they develop? What did it happen? How did people …

How to enjoy Meiji Jingu Shrine?

  What’s Meiji Jingu Shrine? Meiji Jingu Shrine is a shrine which was built to deity Meiji Emperor and Syoken Empress. (Meiji Period is from 1868 to 1912) A shrine is a place where enshrine gods of Shinto. Shinto is the indigenous religion of Japan and it is polytheism. So every shrine has its own gods. Meiji Jingu Shrine has 70 hectares and the size is similar to 100 soccer grounds. ➡Website ➡Review   What to see? Sake barrels   Some sake makers offered sake at the shrine. So you can see sake barrels there. Also in Meiji Jingu Shrine, there are wine barrels, too. Because Meiji Emperor liked wine. …

How do the locals enjoy Asakusa?

  What do the locals see in Asakusa? Asakusa is one of the most popular spot for travelers in Tokyo. Many travelers visit Asakusa every day.   But do you know how to enjoy Asakusa? How do the locals enjoy Asakusa?   Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center ➡Website ➡Review You may visit tourist information center before you start your trip. But please don’t leave here only after you get information. That is not just an information center. Please go up to the roof terrace. You can get the full view of Asakusa include Tokyo Sky Tree from the terrace.   Hozomon Gate Many people tend to pay attention to Kaminarimon …

Is there a Monster in Suitengu Shrine?

What’s Suitengu Shrine?   Hello! I’m Masayo, family entertainment planner.   I introduce where to explore with family members in Tokyo.   Today’s target is….     Suitengu shrine! ➡No English Website ➡Review   History Suitengu shrine was started in 1818, about 200 years ago. At that time, a Samurai, a premodern Japanese worrier, has this shrine in his house, but it was so popular that it was opened to general people. Even now it is popular because of the benefit for easy deliveries.   OK, today’s mission is… Unmask a legendary monster, Kappa!   Speaking of Japan, you may hit on Sumo wrestler, Samurai and Ninja, however, even such …

How to enjoy Ningyo-cho?

What’s Ningyo-cho? Ningyo-cho is a small area which contains various Japanese traditional things. Art Architecture Atmosphere History Kimono   And…   Food!   If you want to explore “Japan”, it is the spot you should visit.   History It is an area where a traditional art was developed. Ningyo-cho means dolls town. In Edo period (the 17th to the 19th century) Japanese traditional puppet show was performed in this area. Ningyo-cho still remains old traditional atmosphere, shops, and restaurants.   Best Spots in Ningyo-cho Amazake Yokocho Amazake Yokocho is a shopping street lined with old traditional shops and restaurants. ➡Review -Shops- Japanese tea shop Morinoenchabo Rice cracker shop Soukaya Taiyaki(a …

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