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【September】Special event in Kamakura! What’s Yabusame?

☆What’s Yabusame? Yabusame is one of the traditional event. An archer on horse aims at three targets lined in a row by shooting a bow and arrows when the horse is running at full speed. The event started in Heian period from the 8th to the 12th century. Especially in Kamakura, the then syogun Yoritomo Minamoto encourages people to hold the event, so it has been popular since then.  ☆When and where can you see? 1)Where? Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shirine (10min from Kamakura station on foot.) ➡Website ➡Review Map↓ 2)When? September 16th from 1:00pm  ☆What else to do in Kamakura? Kamakura Komachidori is a shopping street. ➡Review You can enjoy some …

【August】What to do at Bon Dance Festival at Zojo-ji temple?

What’s Bondance Festival at Zojoji-temple?? I went to Bondance Festival at Zojoji-temple.   ★Detail Date: July 29th and 30th 2016 6:00pm~9:30pm Place:Zojoji-temple   ★How to enjoy? Night-stalls There are many night stalls in the temple. *Beer *Japanese Sake *Beverage *Grilled Chicken *Pizza *Ice cream  etc *Yukata rental →You can enjoy bon dance with yukata which is informal kimono. Bon Dance In front of the main hall, a turret is set at in the center and people in Yukata dance in or around it. Everyone can join the dance even if you don’t know how to do, you can move your body as other people do.   Fireworks in hand You can …

【July and August】Info about Fireworks Festivals in Tokyo

Fireworks Festivals Information If you plan to travel in Tokyo in summer, why don’t you join fireworks festivals? In Japan, many people go to see fireworks in Yukata which is informal kimono. If you are interested in Yukata, you can rent one. Kimono rental shops have various kind of yukatas.   From the end of July to August, some fireworks festivals will be held in Tokyo.   On July 30th 2016 ☆Sumida River Fireworks Festival Fireworks will be set off at 2 spots. (About 20,000 fireworks) 1.)   Sakura bridge  7:05pm~8:30pm Where can you see fireworks? *Sumida Park (10min from Asakusa st.) More Info Map↓ *Azumsa bridge (5min from Asakusa st.) You …

【July and August】How to enjoy Bon dance?

What’s Bon Dance? In Japan there is an event to welcome ancestors in summer. It is called Bon or Obon. During the period, people in Yukata (casual kimono) gather at an open space, where a turret has been made. That is the bon festival. People line up in a circle around a turret and dance in one direction. Everyone can join the dance and the bon festivals take place all over Japan. If you don’t know how to dance, don’t worry, just follow other people and try! Where can you join? Bon festivals info(around Tokyo) ★Shimbashi:July 21 to 22 2016   15:00-21:00 ★Zojo-ji temple: July 29 to 30 2016   18:00-21:30Place ★Hanazono Shrine …

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