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【February 3rd】What’s Setsubun? Where can you enjoy Setsubun?

Hello! I’m Masayo, Tokyo Guided Tour planner. I introduce where to explore with family members in Tokyo. Today‘s target is…..Setsubun!   What’s Setsubun? Setsubun is one of Japanese annual events held on February 3rd. Japanese people throw roasted soy beans to drive devils out and bring in good lucky. Then people usually say “Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi!”   After throwing roasted soy beans, they eat the same number of soy beans as their ages because they believe they will be healthy.   Where can you enjoy Setsubun events in Tokyo? Some temples have Setsubun Events on February 3rd.   1. Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa   ➡Website ➡Review More …

【Dec 23rd】Birthday Receptions of the Japanese Emperor will be held.

  Hello! I’m Masayo, Tokyo Guided Tour planner. I introduce where to explore with family members in Tokyo. Today‘s target is….. Birthday Receptions of the Japanese Emperor!   About the Emperor System in Japan Under the Japanese Constitution, the Emperor is defined as the symbol of the Japanese state and the unity if the people. The current emperor, Akihito is the 125th emperor since the first emperor Jimmu. He doesn’t have political power, but his important role is paying a courtesy visit. Now only the male members of the Imperial Family are allowed to ascend to the Imperial Throne.   By the way, Japan has its own name of years. …

【New Year’s Day】 Events in Japan What’s Hatsumode?

    Hello!   I’m Masayo, Tokyo Guided Tour planner. I introduce where to explore with family members in Tokyo.   Today I’d like to introduce Hatsumode.   What’s Hatsumode? One of the main events in Japan in New Year’s Day is Hatsumode. Hatsumode is the first visit of the New Year to a shrine or a temple to pray their happiness.   After worshipping, they get some lucky charms or draw written oracles.   Popular shrines and temples in Tokyo gather millions of people.   If you plan to visit Japan in New Year’s Day, why don’t you visit Shrines or temples?   The best five spots of Hatsumode …

【December】Asakusa Toshi no Ichi~What’s Beautiful Art Hagoita!~

  What’s Hagoita? Hagoita is a battledore. It used to be a battledore of Hangoita, which is a traditional Japanese game similar to badminton.   Afterward, Hagoita became a tool mainly used by women to drive evils out in new Year’s day.   What’s Hagoita Ichi?   At the end of the year, Hagoita Ichi is held in Asakusa. People visit to get Hagoita to spend the next year with happiness.   Now decollated hagoitas are sold in Asakusa. It is fun to look for the best one for the next year.   Info about Hagoita Ichi Date: December 17th to 19th (every year) Time: 9:00am~9:00pm(estimate) Night stalls: about 50 …

【December】Ako Gishi Festival ~Samurai Parade~

Hello! I’m Masayo, Tokyo Guided Tour planner. I introduce where to explore with family members in Tokyo.   Today, I introduce Ako Gishi Festival.   What’s Sengakuji temple? Sengakuji was built in 1612 by Ieyasu Tokugawa who is the builder of Tokugawa syogunate from 1603 to 1868. At the first time, it was built in another area, but in 1641 it was moved to the current place. Because the previous one was burnt down by great fire.   This temple is characterized by the graves. It has the graves of Ako Gishi. By the way, who is Ako Gishi?   Ako Gishi means federal lords in Ako(Hyogo prefecture). They are famous …

【November to December】What’s Christmas Event in Tokyo Disney Resort?

Tokyo Disney Land will have the Christmas Event from November 8th to December 25th. During the event, numerous people visit to Tokyo Disney Resort. Tokyo Disney Land ➡Tokyo Disney Land Christmas Event   Tokyo Disney Sea ➡Tokyo Disney Sea Christmas Event      

【October】What’s Nihombashi Ebisuko Bettara Ichi?

What’s Nihombashi Ebisuko Bettara Ichi? This is a festival which have been held since Edo Period (from the 17th to 19th century). People visit to get “Bettara-Zuke”. ➡Review Bettara-Zuke is a kind of Japanese pickles.     What can you see? This is a typical Japanese festival. Speaking of a festival, what will Japanese people image? *Mikoshi(Portable shrines) on October 19th only   *Street stalls *Chochin (Japanese lantern)   You can see all these three things at Nihonbashi Ebisuko Bettara Ichi. If you want to know the atmosphere of Japanese festivals, why don’t you visit?   Date&Time October 19th and 20th (Every year the same date) 12:00am~9:00pm   Where can …

【October】29 festival floats are amazing! ~Kawagoe Festival~

  What’s Kawagoe Festival? Kawagoe is not a big city, but it still remains the atmosphere in Edo period (From the 17th to 19th century). So it is called “ Small Edo” Here, the traditional festival will take place.   This festival is rich in pageantry. Because of huge Dashis are carried and go around the city. Dashi is a festival float. It is tall, elaborately decorated float. 29 festival floats are hauled by festival participants. They are so designed that people in festival costumes dance and play music instruments on them.   People are excited by the splendid floats which compete each other in dance and music which is …

【November】What’s Tori no Ichi Festival?

  What’s Tori no Ichi? Tori no Ichi is a festival wishing for a prosperous business and good fortune. It is held in November at shrines of Otori(big bird) across Japan. People wish for good luck and prosperous business. In the old days it used to be a market for farming tools, but in the Kanto region include Tokyo, it became a festival for merchants. Many worshippers will visit Otori Shrine in Asakusa. You can get various good luck charms such as okumade a huge rake that is said to gather lots of good fortune, an okame (a mask of a homely woman), and irifune (an incoming ship)   Why does …

【October】Don’t miss it! You can enjoy Fireworks.

  Fireworks festivals are usually held in Summer, but if you miss them, don’t worry.   I introduce Fireworks festivals in Autumn.   The 85th Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition Oct 1st 20,000 fireworks *This is the best Fireworks Festival in Japan. ➡Website ➡Review Date &Time October 1st 2016 6:00pm~8:30pm *If it rains, it will be held on 8th, 9th or 10th.   Where can you see? Around Sakuragawa River MAP↓   How to get there? The nearest station is Tsuchiura station. From Shinjuku station From Shinjuku st to Nippori st : JR Yamanote Line From Nippori st to Tsuchiura st: JR Joban Line   From Asakusa station From Asakusa st …

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