I’m Masayo, Tokyo Guided Tour planner.

I introduce where to explore with family members in Tokyo.

Today‘s target is…..FUKUBUKURO


What’s FUKUBUKURO? If you are a bargain hunter, it’s a must thing to get!

Fukubukuro means “lucky bag”.

It is a bag sold at department stores or shops at New Year.

Various kinds of goods are packed in a bag, and the price is lower than usual!


You cannot see the contents, so you cannot know until you get.

You try your luck, so it is called “lucky bag”!


You can get a fukubukuro during New Year’s day.

It is usually from January 1st to 3rd.


But the bargain terms depends on shops, so please check before you go.

Let’s enjoy shopping in Tokyo during New Year’s holiday!


Where and when can you get a fukubukuro in Tokyo?


Many department stores and shops will sell fukubukuro a couple of days from the first business day in 2017.


Ginza Area  Date  Time  Website
Ginza Mitsukoshi January 3rd 10:00 am~ Website


Matsuya Ginza January 2nd 9:30 am~ Website

Shinjuku Area
Marui Shinjuku January 2nd 10:0 am~ Website

Shinjuku Isetan January 3rd 10:00 am~ Website


Shibuya Area
Shibuya Hikarie January 2nd 10:00 am~ Website

Shibuya109 January 2nd 10:00 am~ Website


*Shibuya109 might open earlier than 10:00am.

Last time it opened at 8:00am.



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