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What’s Enoshima?

Enoshima is an island which is located near Kamakura.

It takes about 25minites from Kamakura station by Enoden

Please check the article about Enoden
>>Trip on Enoden! Go! Go! Train!


Can you imagine such a beautiful island near Tokyo metropolitan area?

Rolling cliff with sea spray

Historical shrines

Sea caves



In addition, Weather permitting, you can see Mt. Fuji.





1.Bentzaiten Nakamise Street


Just after you go through the first gate, Bronze Torii Gate,

you can find a shopping street, Benzaiten Nakamise Street.

You can get snacks, Japanese sweets, and souvenirs.






You can enjoy seafood here.

I recommend you to have Shirasu don here.

Shirasu don is a bowl of  baby sardines and rice.

Baby sardines are raw or boiled.


Many restaurants on Benzaiten Nakamise Street serve Shirasu don, you can find easily.



3.Enoshima Shrine


Enoshima Shrine is famous for the god, Benzaiten.

Benzaiten is a goddess of knowledge, art, beauty and wealth.

Enoshima shrine has three kind of shrines.

*Enoshima Shrine Hetsumiya

*Enoshima Shrine Nakatsumiya

*Enoshima Shrine Okutsumiya

And other small shrines and unique activities are in Enoshima shrine.


↑Hands of Kabuki actors.                        ↑A dragon in Enoshima


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4.Enoshima Sea Candle(Observatory)

This photo of Enoshima Sea Candle is courtesy of TripAdvisor


The observatory is not so high, about 100m.

But the height is not so important here.

On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji!

This photo of Enoshima Sea Candle is courtesy of TripAdvisor


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5.Enoshima Iwaya Cave


The last activity in Enoshima is Enoshima Iwaya Carve.

There are two  carves.

At the entrance of the first carve, you will get a Japanese lantern and go into the darkness, and you can find mysterious things…

This photo of Enoshima Iwaya Caves is courtesy of TripAdvisor


You will find something in the second carve.


You will try your fortune here.

Please find by yourself what is inside of the carve…

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How to get to the nearest station?

The nearest station is Katase-Enoshima station.

From Shinjuku station
Shinjuku Sta. Fujisawa Sta. Odakyu Odawara Line Express
Fujisawa Sta. Katase-Enoshima Sta. Odakyu Enoshima Line Local
From Asakusa station
Asakusa Sta. Shimbashi Sta. Toei Asakusa Line
Shimbashi Sta. Fujisawa Sta. JR Tokaido Main Line
Fujisawa Sta. Katase-Enoshima Sta. Odakyu Enoshima Line Local
From Narita Airport
Narita Airport Shinagawa Sta. Narita Express
Shinagawa Sta. Fujisawa Sta. JR Tokaido Maine Line
Fujisawa Sta. Katase-Enoshima Sta. Odakyu Enoshima Line Local


**Enoshima is also near Enoshima station of Enoden.


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Minshuku Jusuke

Enoshima Guest House 134

Kinokuniya Ryokan

Hotel Saika

Hotel Shiosai

Kakiya Ryokan

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